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Your next level up

Mind performance training built by athletes, for athletes. This is your next level up.

Increasing mindset and performance

We’re passionate about helping players get to their best game. Mind training allows athletes to maintain a positive state of mind, and see increases in their play and consistency.


View your brain as a muscle

Mind training is about viewing your mind like other muscles in your body - something that needs training and exercises to reach its full potential. By including mind fitness into your regular training, you affect both the mental and physical side of your game.

Built for athletes of all levels

Piiva was built by athletes, for athletes. The exercises in our programs are designed from our work with hundreds of athletes from elite youths to players in the NFL, NBA, NHL and ATP.

5 transformative techniques

Players practice the top techniques for enhancing mindset and performance including awareness meditation, visualization, breathwork, biofeedback and compassion training.


Taking players to
their highest levels

Three ways individuals and teams transform their game with Piiva’s program:

1 Optimal mindset

We provide a mind training program that helps athletes build their focus and concentration. This gives them the ability to face tough times or challenges head on with a positive mindset. By dedicating time to mind training, players gain a competitive edge and they’re at their best when it matters most.

2 Elevated performance

Piiva also introduces athletes to exercises that activate parts of the brain responsible for game vision, reaction time and body control. This results in accelerated skill learning in practice and higher performance in competition — allowing players to continuously evolve their play.

3 Peak body health

Mind training has two main health benefits for athletes. First, it helps them get better sleep so they rejuvenate faster and have more energy during the season. Second, body awareness exercises can assist with reducing injuries. This gets players on their field of play more and at their healthiest level.

What people are saying

All my shooting percentages went up. The program helps you get into “the zone” that all athletes strive to achieve. The visualization techniques help me to reach a level of calmness and comfort on the court that allows me to make reads one or two plays ahead.

Kyle Desmarais

Concordia University Basketball, Point Guard

Conference Co-MVP

Kyle Desmarais photo
The Piiva program helped me develop and tap into a level of play and concentration like no other. Games happen in more slow motion; I can see things happen before they do and react quicker.

Cedric Joseph

Western University, Running Back

Cedric Joseph photo
Working with Piiva was a pleasure. It was clear to see the improvements in players’ performance and their overall composure. I highly recommend Piiva and their program.

John Dore

Former Concordia University Basketball Coach

John Dore photo
Piiva helped enhance the energy level of our team. The program has meshed well with our yearly plan, and it gives players the necessary edge to become complete players.

Geoff Ward

Former Edmonton Oilers AHL Coach

Geoff Ward photo
I feel calmer, almost like I have a sense of déjà vu as plays unfold on the ice. We are at game 40 of the season, which is usually the grind, but my energy and focus are still increasing.

Brad Winchester

8-year NHL Forward

Brad Winchester photo

Past clients

We’ve worked with trailblazers that have helped us pave the way for mainstream mind performance programs.


Tap into your full potential. Our program maximizes performance in sports and schools while also improving wellbeing.

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Built by athletes, for athletes

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