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Play your biggest games

Investing in yourself always pays off. Across sports, we give athletes a program to increase performance and their game mindset.


Meet mind performance training that works around your schedule. Our online program has been designed from our work with hundreds of athletes from elite youths to players in the NFL, NBA, NHL and ATP.

Online mind training for athletes

We give athletes and teams a proven program to achieve heightened levels of performance. With access to over 80+ mind training exercises, we focus on the athlete as a whole person to amplify their performance and get in a healthy winning mindset.

Lasting benefits of mind training

Our mind training plan amplifies all of your good attributes like focus, getting past a tough play and consistency while decreasing areas like stress, inconsistency or hitting a plateau in your game. These benefits continue to increase as you move further into the training.

Program time requirements and access

The core program of Piiva is 8-weeks. Players access our platform through their cell phones or laptop and practice exercises for approximately 10-15 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Overall, athletes have online access for a year with their subscription to practice exercises - players can also add online coaching to the program.

Sample Piiva exercise

As each athlete is different - Piiva is a self-paced program. On our platform, players learn new exercises each week to accelerate their performance increases and to challenge them. The following is an example of one of our mental imagery exercises:

Getting in the zone more often

How does it feel to play in the zone or flow state, where the game has slowed down and you’re playing to your highest level. With increased awareness, athletes get extra milliseconds to play faster but in control: in The Zone. Piiva mind performance training helps get in the zone more often and stay there longer.

Current research is indicating how mind training can enhance both the brain and body. Athletes benefit by improving their overall performance including game vision, reaction time and core skills.

How Piiva works

Our programs work by combining insights on mindset and 5 of the best mind training techniques. This approach helps activate parts of the brain responsible for focus and body control. As athletes move through the exercises, they start to build a momentum that accelerates how they practice and compete.

Why awareness is so important

Mind training gives athletes an opportunity to strengthen their overall awareness. As this happens, players become more aware of their ideas and can manage them better. And from a performance perspective, it boosts their reaction time and body control. This is all driven by our core techniques: awareness meditation, visualization, breathwork, biofeedback and compassion training.

30-Day Guarantee

We design our programs to impact athletes as a whole person in their performance, mindset and well-being, so if it’s not working exactly for you, you’re covered. We give you 30 days to do Piiva training and if the program doesn’t match your needs, we’ll refund you. View policy details.

So go ahead, shop with confidence.

Get Started

Choose the package and programming that works best for you.


Get started with our innovative program for elite youths to college players. Unleash new levels in your performance and mindset.


  • 1-year subscription to Piiva online platform
  • 11-week guided program to drive performance
  • Access to on-going content throughout the year
  • 1 GSR biofeedback unit (industry-leading, FDA-approved unit from Thought Technologies)
  • Progressive in-app tracking
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PIIVA Elite Plus

Get all the features and content of Piiva Elite, plus dedicated online coaching to accelerate increases in skills and performance.

Starting at: $460 Elite + Coaching

  • Your choice between 2 or 4 private coaching sessions
  • Same coach during the program to set goals and track progress
  • Sport-specific coaching and guidance to maximize results quicker
  • Ability to practice exercises in real-time
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PIIVA Pro Plus

Get the impact of Piiva Elite combined with coaching designed for pro athletes to reach peak performance.

Starting at: $570 Elite + Pro Coaching

  • Your choice between 2 or 4 pro coaching sessions
  • Coach-led plans to accelerate performance in-season or during off-season
  • Sport-specific coaching and guidance to maximize results quicker
  • Ability to practice exercises in real-time
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Hitting your full potential

Anyone can do this kind of training. If you invest your time in this, you can make everything else so much better. The increases in different parts of my game gives me an advantage.

Zack Moss

Running back, Buffalo Bills

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